Being the well-recognized shopping paradise, watches are among the most popular products, contributed consistently the most sales in the world.

Since 2011, Hong Kong has become the largest import market for Swiss watches. A substantial growth of high quality and multi-function mechanical watches was observed. Hong Kong watch brands pursue meticulousness in design, production, testing, quality control and sales.

The industry has been producing and testing timepieces strictly according to international standards and clients’ requirements. Testings carried out in the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Technology Centre managed by the Hong Kong Productivity Council help to improve product quality and makes Hong Kong watches’ quality world-renowned.

In addition to pre-sales quality assurance, after-sales maintenance services are also particularly important to watch buyers. Hong Kong’s professional maintenance and after-sales service have always been referenced to Swiss standards. The FHKWTI has actively cooperated with educational institutions to train watch maintenance technicians. It also regularly organizes Swiss professional after-sales and maintenance workshops to enhance the professional knowledge of technicians, aiming to provide the most expertise after-sales service to enhance customers’ confidence.